16 July 2011

Warm weather no go

Waiting in the sun

Our Distinguished Visitors experienced a night at NEEM sleeping in the weatherports at NEEM. After breakfast the first attempt for take off was made with no luck. The temperatures reached a new heat record at NEEM, -0.9 deg °C and the warm snow is soft and it is not possible for the Skier to reach sufficient speed on our skiway for take off. It was decided to postpone the departure to after midnight when temperatures are coldest and ground fog has not yet appeared. To plan is to gamble!

The day was used with dialog between visitors and scientists and outdoor activities in the nice warm weather. Our visitors produced the most fantastic ice bar beside the main dome. The crew of Skier 51 where between our esteemed visitors and we enjoyed their company and good spirit. Thanks to all from Skier 51 for managing the very difficult situation at NEEM in such a competent way. And a big thanks to Cyril for continuing to produce meals for 45 pax!

What we have done today:
1.  Hosted Skier 51 and our Distinguished Visitors
2.  Groomed skiway
3.  Monitoring of water vapor
4.  Opened inclined entrance to drill trench
5.  Installed GPS unit of GLISN system
6.  Discussed possible options for take off

Weather: Broken overcast, Temp. -7 °C to -1 °C, wind 0 to 6 knots from SW to W

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Warm weather – no go

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