13 July 2011

Preparations for crew and activity exchange

Birdie trap prepared.

The DV visit and the exchange of crew will be tomorrow. Everyone is busy with last things to do.

Gunnar prepared a trapdoor on the heated bird cage and if we manage to trap the quite tame bird we will bring it out to Kangerlussuaq.

The bird is a Lapland Langspur (Lapvaerling) who spends the summers on the west coast of Greenland eating mosquitoes, spiders and other insects. During winter the Lapland Langspur migrates to the great lake area of the US and feeds on seeds.

Steff has warned us that Birdie will be back with hundreds of friends because of the excellent conditions at NEEM. We will risk this and hope Birdie will meet up with friends and follow them to the US this autumn.

Drilling last runs continue and the runs today where very successfull bringing up 50 cm of core consisting of layered sediments and ice. The drilling runs take long time drilling 8 mm pr 2-3 minute.

What we have done today:
1. Deployed rock drill to bedrock two times with dead weights
2. Packed CFA pallet and Veissmann pallet
3. Monitoring of water vapor
4. Attempt to drill the BAS 30m shallow ice core but warm temperatures
  stopped the drilling for today
5. Preparing program for DV visit
6. Made birdie trap

Ad 1: we are using all three dead eights we have now – thanks again to the Danish Air Force for the air drop.

Weather: Overcast, temp. -5°C to -2°C, wind 10-20 knots from SW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Screen picture of a good run with the rock drill.


NEEM team July 13th


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