11 July 2011

The last run?

Sauna garage on new hill.

The drilling is followed with great attention by all in camp. Will this be the final run?

The column of 60 cm basal water at the base complicates matters a lot and a great concern is not to get our tools stuck by circulating water onto colder drill parts.

The drillers made 2 runs and each time the drill was left a few meters above the bottom of the borehole to adjust to the warm basal temperatures before drilling.
In both runs the drillers managed to rotate the drill and penetrate some
cm’s and we believe we have rock cuttings in the retrieved material. But
no rock core yet!

After dinner the conclusion was that the final run would be on Tuesday.

What we have done today:
1. Deployed rock drill to bedrock two times with dead weights
2. Packed CFA equipment
3. Repair of skidoos
4. Monitoring of water vapour
5. Attempt to drill the BAS 30m shallow ice core but warm temperatures
  stopped the drilling for today
6. Planning of the missions this week
7. Packing temperature measuring equipment and taking down tents at
  shallow borehole site.

Weather: Varying cloud cover during the day, temp. -10°C to -4°C, wind 6-20
knots changing from SW to SE.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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