10 July 2011

Work goes on at NEEM

Enjoying the gift of fresh vegetables and herbs from His Royal Highness’s garden.

After a slow start we had brunch with omelette and fresh garden salad. The salad was really special because it was a gift from the His Royal Highness Prince Henrik yesterday freshly picked in his garden. It was so delicious.

Yesterday we also received spareparts for repair of the skidoos coming with the Royal visitors. The most broken skidoo was attempted repaired with the new sparepart. Sverrir and Gunnar had a new apprentice today, Gideon, who enjoyed the manly work of skidoo repair.

What we have done today:
1. Deployed rock drill to bedrock
2. Pumped 150l drill liquid in the borehole
3. Packed CFA equipment
4. Repair of skidoos
5. Packing and weighing ice core boxes
6. Monitoring of water vapor

Ad 1.
The rock drill with the dead weight was lowered to a few meters over bedrock and left an hour to warm to the temperature of the ice near bedrock. It was then lowered very slowly to the bed while rotating and collecting ice chips. We managed to get the rock drill to operate in the water but the current maxed out before we managed to drill into the bed. The drillers plan to continue the experiments tomorrow.

Ad 6.
Finally snow! A ‘zeppeliner’ was released at 06am.

Weather: Low clouds and snow fall, temp. -6°C to -3°C, wind 8-16 knots from SW to SSW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen


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