3 July 2011

A perfect Sunday

The PARCA weather station was dug out.

After waking up to a calm and sunny day many went for a morning walk on the skiway.

Cyril prepared a wonderful brunch and afterward work started in camp.  A good productive day with only good surprises.

What we have done today:
1. Preparations to bail the 100m of liquid column out of the 2011 S1 borehole
2. Preparations in the drill trench to mount the rock drill on the drilltower
3. Installation of the surface electronics for the deep drill
4. CFA team has measured core 5 of the 12 m firn cores and has thus finalized the CFA
   program for the NEEM program.
5. PICARRO calibration at the water vapor station
6. Temperature measurements at the 2009 S1 shallow borehole site.
7. Lifting the PARCA weather station up so the lower arm is 2.9m above surface.
  Orientation of the weather station is unchanged. Cables between battery and station
  extended. Position: 77 deg 26.468 min N and 51 04.872 min W.
  The station is 563 m SW of the NEEM main dome.
8. Removing the pilot experiment of measuring temperatures though the top 10m
   placed beside the PARCA weather station.

Weather: Blue sky, Temp. -4°C to -12°C, wind 2-3 knots from S to SW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

The Pisten Bully crane was used to elevate the weather station. The lower arm is 2.9 m above the present snow surface.

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