2 July 2011

A really nice and sunny day

Vapour tower was erected July 1st and the PICARRO is now installed in the tent.

The wind is down and the sky blue with light clouds from time to time.

And Saturday evening too! A great team prepared a delicious dinner for us. It was outstanding - Thanks.

What we have done today:
1. Replicate drilling in the 2011 S2 borehole
2. Camera observations of the replicate drilling
3. Temperature measurements in the 2009 S1 borehole
4. CFA team has measured core 4 of the 12 m firn cores
5. Small video clips of the deep borehole has been prepared for presentation on the
6. PICARRO installed at the water vapor station
7. Apron has been groomed.
8. Short maintenance on main generator
9. We have decided to order spareparts for the 3 skidoos and attempt to repair 
    them in camp

Weather: Blue sky, Temp. -4°C  to -14°C , wind 3-10 knots from S to SW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Cyril is preparing a delicious salad with salmon for us for lunch.


In preparation for Saturday night and the coming royal visit the much worn table clothes where changed.

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