29 June 2011

The work in camp continues - but in a new way

NEEM airport is busy with both a Twin Otter and a C130 on deck.

The big working groups like the science trench and the big CFA teams are no more in strong routine. Most activities have 1-4 personal involved and they have the own schedule.

At 10am the Twin Otter Norland 4 arrived with NSF DV’s. We are very
honoured by the visit of the director of NSF Dr Suresh and additional 5
guests and used the morning showing them the camp activities.

At 11am Skier 90 arrived with cargo and received cargo. At 12:10 the Skier
departed with our guests and shortly after the Twin Otter departed too.
Peace and routine can now fall in the NEEM camp with a population of 16.

What we have done today:
1. NEEM S2 drilling depth 124.27 m
2. Receiving Norland 4 and Skier 90
3. Packing pallets
4. Receiving and unpacking cargo
5. Receiving NSF’s  DV’s
6. Preparing camera for deep bore hole
7. Setting up vapor site
8. Setting up for temperature logging at the 2009 S1 shallow borehole
9. Processing 2  12m firn cores for CFA

Weather: Blue sky, Temp. -5 °C  to -14 °C , wind 9-13 knots from SE to S.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

NSF visiting group in front of the NEEM Dome.

Anais setting up the temperature logging equipment in a yellow dome tent 2 km from the NEEM camp.

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