22 June 2011

Full speed ahead

Yesterday we forgot to mention the Greenland National Day. We apologize for this and compensate here by posting the NEEM Greenland flag on today’s beautiful blue sky. 

Early next week we’ll have a major crew exchange in camp and new people with new projects will show up. Drilling of the S1 bore hole and all ice core processing (except CFA) will have to terminate as most drillers and all science trench people will leave camp on the next flight. Therefore, we’re trying to finish up as much as possible before then: drilling at full speed, processing the core, and also measuring the last grid lines of the AWI radar campaign. At the same time we’ve started packing down the Gas and Isotope Lab (GIL) that is no longer in use and can be shipped out next week.

What we have done today:
1.  NEEM S1 drilling depth 370.00 m
2.  CFA of brittle zone: bag 1249 – 1308 (686.40 - 719.40 m) 17.5 m analyzed. 53 %
3.  NEEM S1 ice core processing: bag 570 – 623 (312.95 - 342.65 m)
4.  Continued AWI radar grid measurements. 18 out of 22 grid lines done
5.  Continued packing down GIL
6.  Worked on new AWI drill

Weather: Another beautiful day with blue sky dotted with a few thin high clouds. Temp. -7 °C to -15 °C, wind 8 - 13 knots from S.

FL, Anders Svensson

Trying to reach for the Sun. How did that vehicle squeeze into the picture?

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