23 June 2011

No midsummers eve at NEEM this year

Taking down the Vissmann; This is how it appeared before, during and afterwards

Today is midsummer, ‘Sankt Hans’ in Danish, and normally we should have a small bonfire this evening, sing a few songs, and say cheers to one another. This year, however, there are a couple of reasons why we have to skip that tradition at NEEM. First of all, we have no waste wood in camp–no fire. Secondly, the wind is 17 knots and it is snowing. Finally, there is so much activity in camp during the evening that it would be a shame to interrupt (mostly a field leader viewpoint). In particular, the drillers are really pushing their working hours these days in order finalize the S1 hole on time. On Saturday, however, we will take revenge and make sure everybody gets a chance to celebrate and relax.

What we have done today:
1.  NEEM S1 drilling depth 390.95 m
2.  CFA of brittle zone: bag 1309 – 1380 (719.40 - 759.00) 18.8 m analyzed. 47%
3.  Continued AWI radar grid measurements. All 22 grid lines done
4.  Taking down GIL Viessmann cabin and palletizing
5.  Worked on connecting new AWI drill to DK 1000m winch
6.  Fighting misbehaving sulfate line in CFA lab
7.  Labeling bags for NEEM 2011 S2 4-inch core
8.  Labeling of new DK ice core boxes # 5800-5815. Next box should be 5816

Weather: As predicted by Marc De Keyser, who kindly sends us daily weather forecasts, the good times are over for a while. At lunch time the blue sky disappeared and we now have overcast and snowfall. Temp. -6 °C to -15 °C, wind 8 - 18 knots from S and SSW.

FL, Anders Svensson

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