21 June 2011

A day of many different tasks


After some 25 years of service the motor of the science trench Swiss saw finally had to throw in the towel. United forces of experience got it back on track.

Drilling goes well with some 17 meters of good quality core recovered today. Science trench people did not process ice core but helped out with drilling, inventory of cooks freezer and fresh food storage, and radar measurements. In the CFA the core quality is decreasing, the continuous Picarro gas and isotope analyses have been disrupted, and packing of the GIL instrumentation has started. The weather is perfect for surface work and flight missions. We can only hope that is also the case in a week’s time when we have a number of flights scheduled for NEEM.

What we have done today:
1.  NEEM S1 drilling depth 349.69 m
2.  CFA of brittle zone: bag 1187 – 1248 (652.30 - 686.40 m) 22.5 m analyzed. 66 %
3.  Inventory of cooks freezer and fresh food storage
4.  Continued AWI radar grid measurements. 15 out of 22 grid lines done
5.  Started packing down GIL
6.  Worked on new AWI drill
7.  Oil change on main generator
8.  Secured walking path to main dome (anti-skating)
9.  Repaired science trench Swiss saw

Ad. 1. Last drill liquid in camp was added to the hole in the evening: 1 drum estisol and 2 drums coasol

Weather: Another beautiful day with blue sky. Temp. -7 °C to -17 °C, wind 4-10 knots from SSE.

FL, Anders Svensson

Oil change on main generator: an important and silent moment of maintenance

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