20 June 2011

A productive day

The camp sparrow is staying alive but it refuses to enter its specially constructed bird house

The drilling of the S1 core is now in a stable mode running 16h a day. This has produced enough core for the science trench to be open today to catch up with the drilling.

Last Saturday the CFA lab started out measuring the top part of the brittle-zone ice at around 600 m depth. As this ice is of quite good quality (few breaks) most of the sample can be measured, meaning that the daily progress is rather ‘slow’ depth-wise. As ice quality will decrease with depth more sample needs to be skipped and the production will be ‘higher’. It is of course great that we will end up with almost continuous CFA records of this approximately 3300 years old ice.

In the beautiful evening a nearby point of interest - the couch at the end of the skiway – was well visited.

What we have done today:
1.  NEEM S1 drilling depth 332.71 m
2.  CFA of top brittle zone: bag 1137 – 1186 (624.80 - 652.30 m) 24 m analyzed. 87 %
3.  NEEM S1 ice core processing: bag 520 - 569 (285.45 - 312.95 m)
4.  Continued AWI radar grid measurements. 14 out of 22 grid lines done
5.  Placing Sysco and Kanger food orders for next flight period
6.  Repairing drill tent centrifuge
7.  Green tent special task operation

Weather: A beautiful blue-sky day. Temp. -8 °C to -15 °C, wind 2 - 11 knots from SSE.

FL, Anders Svensson

Science trench members happily presenting their freshly filled sample beakers

Sune’s midnight catering service for the CFA

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