19 June 2011

Drilling at two sites and maintenance

Despite the never-ending analysis of the tedious brittle zone ice the CFA hut is full of smiling faces day and night: Hubertus, Gideon, Olivia, Vasileios, Ailsa, Kerstin and Erik. 

After a slow Sunday morning camp came up to speed after lunch. Drilling goes well and drillers will work in 2 shifts from now on if it continues like that. The science trench people went out 1 km west of camp to drill a second 14 m shallow ice core with the hand auger. In the CFA lab Sunday is a day of maintenance for equipment and personnel, but tonight measurements of ice from the upper part of the brittle zone will continue. In the evening everyone looked a bit tired but fortunately there was a 9 pm show at the 2nd floor movie theatre: ‘Encounters at the End of the world’.

What we have done today:
1.  NEEM S1 drilling depth 317.41 m
2.  CFA maintenance. No measurements
3.  Drilling 14 m 3-inch 2011 S1B core 1 km W of camp (77°26’645’’N; 51°06’784’’E)
4.  Continued AWI radar grid measurements. 10 out of 22 grid lines measured by now

Weather: mostly thin overcast, some sun, some haze, and some snow fall. Temp. -5 °C to -18 °C, wind 0 - 4 knots from S.

FL, Anders Svensson

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