11 June 2011


An unusual sight: The CFA team has escaped the trench and is sampling the upper snow south of camp

Today’s flight mission went smoothly with exchange of personnel and cargo as scheduled. Drilling, ice core processing, and CFA analyses were on hold, but camp has been busy with many other activities: People moved in and out with all their luggage and cargo, new people were introduced to camp life and activities, pallets were build and disassembled, and many took advantage of the splendid weather to work outside. A major concern is to improve the core quality of the 420m shallow core that showed many internal cracks during the last days of drilling. Due to the flight mission, the Saturday Night celebration has been postponed until tomorrow giving everyone a chance of a good nights sleep.

What we have done today:
1. Receiving Skier 62. 11 PAX left and 10 PAX arrived. Camp population is 23.
2. Building pallets for departure and disassembled arriving pallets.
3. A ventilation system was attached to the drilling tent in order to cool the drilling site.
4. CFA team dug a pit with the purpose of updating the chemistry profile with the most recent samples.
5. Mounting and testing the AWI radar system that will be applied in the area the following weeks.

Weather: Sunny day. Temp. - 7 °C to - 14 °C, 10 - 12 knots from SSE. Visibility unrestricted.

FL, Anders Svensson

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