12 June 2011


A meeting at the new GPS antenna on the way to the mall

Yesterday night a run was made in the shallow hole to test if temperature is the main cause of the internal cracks in the core. The drill was cooled in the drill liquid before drilling and the core barrel was carried immediately out in cold air for removal of the core. Unfortunately, the core quality was similar to what has been seen in previous runs, which indicates that the high temperature in the drill tent is not the only problem for the drilling at this point. Today the main focus for the drillers has been to mount the logger so that the inclination of the hole can be determined. In the trenches the ice core processing has started up slowly, but the processing line is not in a great hurry as it will not take many days to catch up with the drilling. Therefore, we took advantage of the sunny and pleasant weather to continue the pit studies south of camp.

What we have done today:
1. Performed a test run under cold conditions in the drill tent
2. Working on mounting of the bore hole logger for determination of bore hole inclination
3. CFA analysis: Maintenance plus analysis of discrete surface samples
4. NEEM S1 ice core processing: bag 308 – 329 (168.85 - 180.95 m)
5. Continued sampling of the CFA pit and of an adjacent Swedish pit
6. Continued the assemblage of the Nansen-sledge mounted AWI radar system
7. Mounting GPS antenna at the NEEM main GPS position for the radar study
8. Blowing snow on the drill tent to change albedo
9. Celebrating Saturday Night with a delicious curry dishes and dessert
directed and organized by Sune, Vasilios, and Andrew.

Weather: Sunny day with some fog banks passing by in the morning. Temp. -5
°C to - 13 °C, 4 - 12 knots from SSE. Visibility unrestricted, except when

FL, Anders Svensson

Sune and Sarah are conducting a biological experiment in the kitchen

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