10 June 2011

Tomorrow we have a flight again and we are busy preparing.

Blowingsnow: Trevor operates the snow blower to keep the snow away from the half buried storage garage.

The mood in camp today is special. The newcomers are adapting to life in camp, while another group are preparing to leave. Like the evening two days ago, this evening saw people staying awake and chatting and having fun in the main dome into the night. Some went out on the snow in the beautiful weather to enjoy the last evening on the ice sheet and taking in the sights and sounds: The azure sky, the flat white surface and the sound of the wind. At this first major crew exchange of the season we can say that all planned activities are on a good track and running fine. As this Field Leader is leaving tomorrow, I use the opportunity to thank NEEMers for good company and good work, and my best wishes for this to continue for the rest of the season.

What we have done today:
1.  Drilling. Worked on the drill head. Drilled one test run. Ice core problem is still not solved.
2.  Performed Dutch bore hole testing, and packed down equipment.
3.  Processing NEEM S1 2011 420 m core. Bags 254-307 (139.15 m – 168.85m).
4.  Measuring with CFA system. Measured 24.2 m. Depth: 2516.25m
5.  Packing down the physical properties laboratory.
6.  Collecting cargo to send out and building pallets.
7.  Groomed skiway with blade and tiller, and tilled a second time.

Drillers report: Drillers continue to work on the problem. Some new adjustments are considered.

Weather: Clear all day. Temp. - 5 °C to - 11 °C, 10 - 12 knots from SSE. Visibility unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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