5 June 2011

Weather is improving and we can see camp again

A storm casualty. One of our three outhouses didn’t make it through the blow. Luckily it wasn’t occupied during the collapse although it would have been a comic scene.

During the night wind speeds slowly went down, so by lunchtime Sunday, we could see camp again. Gone was the nice level surface we had until Thursday evening. Now large snowdrifts were everywhere. The drillers had to use the snow blower to gain access to the garage, and Sverrir spent several hours in the Pistenbully just to remove the worst drifts. Bad weather is always a nuisance, but we were lucky, that it hit us over a weekend and five days before the next planned flight. Now we have good chances for getting everything in order in time for the flight, if weather continues to improve...

What we have done today:
1.  Drilling. Depth: 190.0 m.
2.  Maintenance of equipment and processing NEEM S1 2011 420 m core. Bags 106-125 (57.75m – 68.75m).
3.  Tests and calibration of CFA system.
4.  Processing temperature log file from deep hole.
5.  Removing several large snowdrifts with Pistenbully.

Drillers report: We continue to make good runs with 1.5 m cores.

Weather: Overcast with few sunny spells. Temp. - 16 °C  to - 19 °C  , 30 - 17 knots from WSW. Visibility  0.5-1 km, snow showers and blowing snow .

FL, J.P. Steffensen

The advantage of a spherical building is evident as all snowdrifts stay away from it. The entrance never gets blocked.

The snowdrifts through camp are extensive. Quite some cleaning up to do.

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