6 June 2011

It is getting warm

A scene from inside one of the two fiberglas huts (tomatoes) in the left picture. Sverrir (right) feels the electric charge as blowing snow passes the hut on Saturday

Today camp has been covered by a thick carpet of clouds, and it has been snowing most of the time. Up here, clouds warm up everything. Snow can melt on dark surfaces and the snow is sticky, particularly the new snow.
The Sun is covered by clouds so all shadows disappear and on the snow this means that sky and ground have the same colour. When we look out the window, we see only the same gray. However work continues in a good routine, without any drama today. We are beginning to prepare for the planned flight on Thursday. Some are already packing equipment and we are preparing the skiway which needs some tender care after the gale this weekend.

What we have done today:
1.  Drilling. Depth: 219  m.
2.  Processing NEEM S1 2011 420 m core. Bags 126-177 (68.75m – 97.35m).
3.  Measuring with CFA system. Measured 24.2 m. Depth: 2429.35m
4.  Packing down temperature logger system.
5.  Cleaning up in camp with Snow blowers and Pistenbully.
6.  Groomed skiway in zig-zag and half apron with beam groomer.
7.  Erected new outhouse.

Drillers report: We continue to make good runs with 1.5 m cores.

Weather: Thick overcast. Temp. - 9 °C to - 16 °C , 12 knots from SW to W. Visibility 1 km, light snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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