30 May 2011

A good productive day, except for the drillers; but they have ideas.

In the CFA laboratory Vasileios is watching with interest as results from on-line measurement of water isotopes appear on the screen. Ten years ago, the notion to measure isotopes on-line in the field was but a dream.

For most people in camp the day was productive; but the drillers had to face the fact that they now have two broken motors for the winch, however, as the Danish proverb goes, “Need will teach the naked woman to spin yarn”. The drillers have been brainstorming, and they now have ideas for a work-around solution. So, instead of being frustrated at the end of the day, they were quite exited to get the problem solved. We are still enjoying beautiful sunny and cold weather. We know the good weather will end some time; but each good day passed cannot be taken from us.

What we have done today:
1.  No drilling today. Problems with winch motors.
2.  Processing NEEM deep core brittle zone, bags 1987-2025 (1092.30m – 1113.75m).
3.  CFA measurements.  Measured 24.2 m. Depth 2276.45m
4.  3rd U.S. borehole logging in progress.
5.  Service on vehicles.
6.  Lifting last of cargo line from last year to surface.
7.  Leveled some undulations on skiway with Pistenbully.

Drillers report:  To gain access to the winch motor, we unwound the 500 m cable onto the snow. The motor had damage to the coil. Although the two motors have two different types of damage, it is not technically possible to combine working parts of the two motors to one working unit. Instead we decided on a new way ahead. By keeping the damaged motor in the winch, the drive shaft is accessible. We are now manufacturing an adapter that will allow us to attach the winch motor from the German shallow drill.

Weather: Clear all day. Temp. -17 °C to - 28 °C , 4 - 8 knots from SSE. Visibility unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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