31 May 2011

A good day for processing and we got visitors

Gary at the best thermometer in Glaciology. He takes temperature readings with an absolute accuracy of 1 mK, all the way along the deep borehole.

In the processing line everything is running fine. Although one instrument for gas analysis has broken down (SARA), we have a back-up instrument (JUDY), and now it is running fine. The drillers are working on a fix for the winch, and they are almost there. By tomorrow, the winch could be running again.

At 21.00 we got visitors. The U.S. PARCA team arrived by Twin Otter. They are maintaining a large number of automatic weather stations along the 2000 m contour of the Greenland Ice Sheet and in the next few days they will use NEEM as a hub for their visits to the sites in
the North.

The borehole temperature logging is almost complete and with this precise temperature recording all the way through the ice sheet, we will be able to reconstruct parts of past surface temperature history of the ice. It will also tell us whether NEEM has basal melting or not.

What we have done today:
1.  Mounting new motor on the winch and making an adapter for it.
2.  Processing NEEM deep core brittle zone, bags 2026-2061 (1113.75m –1133.55m).
3.  CFA measurements.  Measured 26.4 m. Depth 2302.85m
4.  Performing logging experiments in the deep hole.
5.  Service and repair on Pistenbully tracks.
6.  Received the U.S. PARCA team, arriving by Twin Otter TF-NLD.

Weather: Clear, in the evening broken thin overcast. Temp. - 17 °C to - 28 °C, 4 - 10 knots from SSE to SW. Visibility mostly unrestricted, in the evening 5km.

FL, J.P. Steffensen 

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