29 May 2011

A beautiful Sunday

Inside the storage garage where drilling is done. Darcy is operation the drill, Martin is checking, and to the left, Myriam is logging the core. They are wearing blue suits to protect them from getting wet from the fluid.

Weather is nice and cold but there is little wind. People enjoyed Sunday morning and after lunch everybody went to work again. Such a weekend break is not only good for people it’s also good for machinery.

In the CFA laboratories, the systems were checked and adjusted before measurements were resumed. On the surface, Sverrir could open the Pistenbully to inspect all inner parts and make full service on the machine.

What we have done today:

1. Drilling and logging.  Depth 148.5 m.
2. Processing NEEM deep core brittle zone, bags 1975-1986
  (1085.70m – 1092.30m).
3. CFA system maintenance and service. Later, measuring. 
  Measured 3.3 m. Depth 2252.25m
4. 2nd U.S. borehole logging in progress. Logger winch problems solved.
5. Large service on Pistenbully.

Drillers report:  A fairly routine Sunday started slowly and nicely, but ended with another winch failure before a core break.  The winch motor received power but had no guts to pull up even with little load.  The core break had to be done by hand and eventually we hand cranked the drill back to the surface with the assistance of a hand held drilling machine.  On first inspection there was no obvious problem with parts or cables that are easily measured and assessable without taking the winch and tower completely apart again.  We will investigate the matter further Monday morning.

Weather: Clear all day. Temp. - 17 °C to - 26 °C, 10 - 3 knots from S.
Visibility unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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