12 May 2011

We are enjoying the weather and camp is changing shape

Hans Christian is laying out the foundation for a weatherport.

We erected a weatherport today, and two more will go up soon. NEEM camp will soon look like a small village.

We have also begun to build our airport. The landing strip (the skiway) was groomed for the first time. We will continue to work on the skiway by grooming. This makes the snow surface level and hardens the snow so that we may receive aeroplanes with higher payload. Next planes are scheduled for next week.

Camp life is becoming routine and people are doing a lot of small tasks too to make everything work.

What we have done today:

1. Cleaning in the storage garage, beginning to setup drill tower for
  420 m drilling.
2. Main staircase to trenches finished, main elevator working and extended.
3. Setting up 12 x 20 weatherport for food storage.
4. Laying foundation for two weatherports.
5. Setting up CFA system.
6. Breaking snow surface with Flexmobil on skiway. Grooming skiway
  lengthwise with beam groomer.
7. Pulling fuel pallet to main generator hut.

Weather: Clear. Temp. - 18 °C  to - 26 °C , 2-4 knots from SW turning SE. Fog in the morning, later unrestricted visibility.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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