13 May 2011

Nice, but a bit chilly to work outside today

Hans Christian is assembling the frame for a weatherport.

During the whole morning temperatures stayed well below -20 °C  and with a constant wind, work with erecting weatherports became a chilly affair; but up they went. Hans Christian, Sepp and Christian got cold though so there was need for coffee breaks once in a while.

The drillers, Trevor, Bruce and Carsten, worked in the shelter of the storage garage, outfitting it with drilling equipment.

Sverrir pushed snow with the Pistenbully. Sarah provided food. Matthias and Simon worked in the CFA laboratory, and J.P. spent all day grooming the skiway.

What we have done today:

1. Erected two weatherports with 3 bunkbeds in each.
2. Moving food from storage garage to food weatherport.
3. Working on setting up drill in storage garage and excavating drill slot.
4. Removing snow from around red domes.
5. Setting up CFA system.
6. Grooming skiway in zig-zag with beam groomer.

Ad. 5: Melting device installed. Ice core preparation and storage reinstalled. CFA temperature stabilization system repaired. Single detection modules revised. IDP sample canisters located and put in place.

Weather: Clear. Temp. - 16 °C  to - 25 °C , 10 knots from S. Unrestricted visibility, fog at night.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Weatherport construction site. Two gray weatherport kits are to the left and behind is one under construction. 


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