18 August 2010

Last pull out

Taking down the white weatherport, just before the science and drill trenches are sealed for winter.

Due to bad forecasts the departure of the flight to NEEM was scheduled early in the morning. The plane departed at 6 AM local time, and it just managed to get to NEEM ahead of the weather. Just after 6 AM, the main generator was shut down and pulled to the snow hill for over wintering. The three pallets with fuel were pulled away from the apron, three pallets with cargo were loaded onto the plane and the vehicles were parked in the main workshop garage. Last phone call from NEEM was at 9.50 local by handheld Iridium phone. At 12.10 local everybody were back in Kangerlussuaq.

Weather: In the morning scattered clouds; but as the plane approached overcast with slight snow, rising temperatures and dropping barometer. Winds at 14 knots from SE turning SW as weather system approached. Temperatures at night -15°C , at time of pick up -7°C.

FL Lars Berg Larsen

FOM J.P.Steffensen

The very last passengers out of NEEM 2010

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