16 August 2010

Packing down and first pull-out flight.

Departing crew in a NEEM formation.

Monday was spent packing down and cleaning up in camp. We had to keep the entrance to the drill trench open as the last food shipment was due to arrive on Tuesday and we had to take the last ice core shipment out just before the flight arrived.

Tuesday morning became cloudy and foggy. As the plane was en route to NEEM visibility dropped and frost had formed on all our skiway markers. A crew was sent out to knock the frost off the markers, and may have saved the day because visibility was so poor that the plane had to make several attempts to land before they finally succeeded to spot the skiway and land. 12 NEEM’ers left camp, and now only 7 remain.

After the plane departed with a full load and in first attempt, people carried the arriving food to storage and sealed the entrance to the drill and science trenches. Vehicles were parked in the garages, so that only the Caterpillar, a Flexmobile and two snowmobiles are ready for the final pull-out.

In the evening the main snow melter was dismantled.

Weather Monday: Almost no wind, scattered clouds and temperatures between -15°C and -5°C

Weather Tuesday: Clear in the morning, then low clouds and fog during the flight, later slightly clearing. Winds at 4 to 12 knots from SE. Temperatures between -5°C and -9°C.

FL Lars Berg Larsen

FOM J.P.Steffensen

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