15 August 2010

No time for rest

Time for a nap but no tents left...

We got boxes and people everywhere! Eventhough it is Sunday the camp is full of activity from early on. Two more weather ports were packed down and we got most of our retro pallets ready. We took advantage of yet another beautiful day today; it was perfect for the outdoor activities. After dinner this evening we had the last movie night. Already at 23.00 the dome was completely quiet and empty. Very unusual... It was Sunday after all…

What we have done today:

  1. Moved big items out of trenches
  2. Netted pallets
  3. Checked and maintained skiway flags.
  4. Packed two weather ports.
  5. Tilled skiway.
  6. Packed GPS reference stations.
  7. Vacuum cleaned Main Dome.

Weather: Blue sky. Temperatures between -7°C and -16°C. Wind 0 - 8kt from S - SE

FL Lars Berg Larsen

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