14 August 2010

Prominent guests for morning coffee

“Ice lamb” recipe; a shovel (not in plastic!), charcoal, alu-foil, a tray, four lamb legs, snow pile minimum 1½ meter (2500 m not needed!)

Today we had a couple of prominent visitors from the 109’Th Air National Guard. It was the head of the USAF Air National Guard visiting us. If the US Air Force representative’s purpose in Greenland was to see the performance of the 109’Th unit, he picked the right day. All morning the weather behaved well with overcast and little wind, however upon arrival at NEEM one fog bank after another kept rolling into camp. One minute the camp was embedded in clouds with no visibility at all, only to change to a visibility of a mile or two shortly after. Several times we heard the airplane above but no sight of it. After four to five attempts to land a clearing was visible 15 km south of the camp. The Skier then circulated in this opening while it moved into our camp. In the incoming clearing we suddenly saw a Skier “dropping” out of the clouds and perform a beautiful landing.

Then camp received fuel and cargo for the 2011 season and we conducted a guided tour around the camp and in the trenches. Though we are in closing mode it is still possible to get a good impression of the drilling operation and the science behind it all. During the visit the weather cleared to a beautiful day. And when ice cores and science equipment was loaded the plane took off again without any problems.

It was the last Saturday this season, which means it was time for the traditional barbequed Icelandic “Ice lamb”. Sverrir was of course the master chef, while a lot of the camp members joined in with different dishes. A very fine way to celebrate the end of the season approaching rapidly.

What we have done today:

  1. Moved ice core boxes to the surface and built pallet.
  2. Received Skier 71
  3. Broken pallets down and moved food to freezer.
  4. Moved pallets to cargo line
  5. Guided visitors
  6. Taken flag line down.
  7. Closed and cleaned James’ Hg-sampling site and moved stuff to camp.

Weather: Overcast, then fog banks rolling in and out, in afternoon blue sky. Temperatures between -7°C and -18°C. Wind 4-14 Kt from S - SW

FL Lars Berg Larsen

The Chef in action


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