13 August 2010

First weatherport packed down

First tent down

The luxury of having relative many camp structures and not that many people and plenty of space is now over. People need to move together since the tents go down one by one...

Today we took the first two tents down. First a four person weatherport then our “fridge-tent” (tent heated to +5°C), almost all the fresh vegetables has been eaten anyway. We stored the rest of “do not freeze” food in our sauna... In there it will not start to freeze the next days.

Everywhere in the camp people are busy packing their gear in boxes. Either it needs protection to stay in camp over the winter or it has to come out. Our New Zealand colleagues needs to get their equipment back home for a short overhaul before it continues to the Antarctic in October for a new drilling project. Ice core drilling equipment is well travelled.

What we have done today:

  1. Packed New Zealand drill.
  2. Moved food from food tent to Sauna tent for winter storage.
  3. Documented food freezer.
  4. Taken Stapi weather port down.
  5. Documented sledges
  6. Finished all documentation in drill and science trenches.
  7. Placed thermistor string in 10m hole at AWS 8. Cleaned up in Main Dome
  8. Finished work at Hg sampling site.

Weather: Overcast and foggy w/light snow. Temperatures between -7°C and -15°C. Wind 0-6 Kt from SW

FL Lars Berg Larsen

Packing NZ drill

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