12 August 2010

Goodbye to our visitors and back to packing down.

tekstPeople waving goodbye while the Twin-Otter takes off from the apron.

Usually it takes some days for the body to get accustomed to the cold. Though some of our tents are heated, how you sleep the first night on the ice sheet can feel very different depending on type of tent, amount of heat in the tent and type of sleeping bag. However most of our guest had a good nights sleep. We had no wind but temperatures went down in the minus twenties. In the evening before people had a good time and after the scientific presentations by Dorthe and Jean discussions continued into the early hours. Everybody gathered early in the morning for breakfast prior to the 8.30 departure back Qaanaaq. At the same time we had to say goodbye to Dorthe our Field Leader for the last 8 weeks who left the camp as well. The rest of the day we spent preparing for the camp closure next week. In the evening Tim showed his nice slide and movie show about how to climb up and paraglide down the Mont Blanc..

What we have done today:

  1. Good bye to Nordlandair 3 with the 10 visitors, 1 NEEM'er and 4 crew
  2. Closed and cleaned sauna
  3. Sampled NEEM 2010 S3 for Mercury
  4. Tilled the skiway
  5. Moved core trough to Apron.
  6. Hand-augered 10 meter hole for thermistorstring
  7. Documented garage 1.
  8. Documented freezer.
  9. Removed Polar5 reflectors from skiway.
  10. Taken down magnetic station.
  11. Started packing down NZ drill.
  12. Packed down ECM
  13. Cleaned drill trench.
  14. Maintained seismic station.

Weather: Blue sky with ground fog around noon. Afternoon blue sky, evening clouds moving in from south-west. Temperatures between -10°C and -23°C . Wind 0-8 kt from SW

FL Lars Berg Larsen

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