19 August 2010

Hectic activity in Kangerlussuaq

Last cleaning up in the ware house.

As everybody are now out of camp, the time has come to prepare the Warehouse and the Office in Kangerlussuaq for closing. But first, all last ice cores and scientific equipment had to be sent off. Many hands were needed to sort out cargo and ice from camp and put it into piles of different destinations. Ice and cargo has been sent to the U.S. and Canada. Ice has been sent to Copenhagen, and cargo has been sent to France, Germany, the U.K., Switzerland, Japan and Denmark. The forklifts and our truck have been in full swing shuttling cargo and ice. Thursday and Friday, most NEEM’ers left Kangerlussuaq, and now only the FOMs remain in Kangerlussuaq to clean up the warehouse and close the office.

Friday evening NEEM hosted the traditional end of season dinner at the rowclub. This is our way of showing our appreciation of the wonderful and constructive collaboration between NEEM, the 109th, CH2MHill Polar Services, KISS manager, Car mechanic and the Air Greenland Cargo Terminal crew in Kangerlussuaq. Thank you all.

Weather at NEEM for the past four days (from PARCA weather station):
Total overcast. 8 knot wind from SW. Temperatures day and night between -3°C and +1°C(!!!!) We and the 109th have been so lucky to get our last people out before the weather changed on Wednesday. Otherwise they would still be at NEEM.

Weather in Kangerlussuaq:
Sunny, mild winds from E and temperatures between +4°C and +16°C.

Sunday, the two remaining people left Kangerlussuaq, and this is the last entry of the NEEM field diary 2010. Thank you for your attention. We hope to be back online next year as well.

FOM J.P.Steffensen

Members of the 109th, CH2MHill Polar services and local Kangerlussuaq business affiliates just before the NEEM end of season dinner at the rowing club.

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