1 August 2010

Testing new drills

checking the drill
Alex checking the fit of the core barrels.

The ‘orange team’ Alex and Darcy from New Zealand are assembling their new drill in the Carpenters workshop. Tanner helps them out as the US drill observer. The work is progressing fine and we assume that we can test the drill in a few days.

In the Sauna garage the ‘DK-CH team’ Simon and Henry are assembling the elevated tower with the intermediate winch and this system is also nearly ready for testing.

A new phase of camp started today with the building of the winter snow hills for overwintering of the sledges, tanks and generator.

No more deep drilling and logging.
Final logged depth is: 2537.36 m
Processing: bag 1749-1772 (13.20m) depth: 974.60m

What we have done today:
1. Built 4 winter hills of snow
2. Assembling NZ shallow drill
3. Assembling DK intermediate winch and CH elevated tower
4. Working on Bryns logger
5. Processing brittle ice
6. Checked inventory of ice core boxes

Weather: Mostly overcast varying between high and low clouds. Temperatures between -16 °C and -3 °C. Wind 0-9 kt for S.

FL  Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
combined CH and DK knowledgeSimon and Henry getting the CH elevated tower and the DK intermediate
winch together

Building snow hillsBuilding the winter snow hills – Sverrir’s snow castles

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