31 July 2010

Saturday and Brittle Ice

Heather cutting brittle ice
Heather cutting the stable water isotope strip of the brittle ice core.

The processing of the brittle ice continues in the science trench. The ice is in many pieces and the  processing team are doing a brilliant job in keeping all the pieces together in all the many cutting lines of the ice cores in the science trench. Heather is cutting the strip of for stable water isotope sampling.

At 4pm the shallow drilling the drill assembling and the processing stopped and we prepared for Saturday night. First a Gin and Tonic in Tim’s snow cave with party ice from below the finished NEEM 2010 S2 ice core followed by a ‘down under barbie’ prepared by the Australians and the New Zealanders in camp. A great Saturday night.

No more deep drilling and logging.
Final logged depth is: 2537.36 m
Processing: bag 1725-1748 (13.20m) depth: 961.40m

What we have done today:
1. Drilled shallow ice core 2010 S2 to the depth 100.14 m
2. Assembling NZ shallow drill
3. Assembling DK intermediate winch and CH elevated tower
4. Working on Bryns logger
5. Grooming skiway

Weather: Sunny day with many patches of ground fog. Temperatures between -12 deg °C and -3 deg °C . Wind 3-13 kt for S.

FL  Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
A difficult piece of brittle ice
One of the worst pieces of brittle ice prepared with a microtoned surface before the ECM measurement

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