30 July 2010

Shallow drilling

crystals sparkling on the surface
The NEEM 2010 S2 shallow ice core bag 169 with crystals sparkling on the

The weather has been good and the first shallow ice core NEEM 2010 S2 is reaching it’s length of 100m. On the picture is bag 169 (92.40-92.95 m) and the cores are perfect with no breaks of flakes. This shallow ice core is being drilled for the Swedish Be10 program and it will be dated by ECM and stable water isotopes.

After tests of the new DK intermediate winch and the CH elevated tower we will drill a second shallow 3 inch ice core (NEEM 2010 S3). From this core Japan will get 1.5 m for every 8 and the rest will be sampled for Mercury.

The test of the NZ drill starting next week will produce a 4 inch core. The inner 50-60% of this core will be for USA McConnel (NEEM 2010 S1) while the rest has been offered to the French Gas program also requesting ice from a 400m core. The NEEM 2010 S1 core will not reach 400m in 2010 and we plan to continue drilling the ice core in 2011 with the DK HT 4 inch drill. We do not plan to drill further shallow ice cores at NEEM this season.

No more deep drilling and logging.
Final logged depth is: 2537.36 m
Processing: bag 1689-1724 (19.80m) depth: 948.20m

What we have done today:
1. Drilled shallow ice core 2010 S2 to the depth 94 m
2. Assembling NZ shallow drill
3. Assembling DK intermediate winch and CH elevated tower
4. Onset of Bryns logging
5. Cleaning and making order in the drillers workshop

Weather: Sunny day with between -12 deg °C and -5 deg °C. Wind 4-15 kt for SE changing to SW. During night ground fog/low clouds came in.

FL  Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Trevor operating the DK shallow drill
Trevor operating the DK shallow drill

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