28 July 2010

Big Skier day

Reflektion af flyet
Reflection of Skier 90 in Nevilies sun glasses

After the excitement yesterday it was right back to operations. Skier 90 came to NEEM with 30 passengers – 22 as day visitors. The Skier left for Thule while we spent 4 hours touring our guests in the main dome, the drill and science trenches and the shallow drill site. The guests included a Summit group, 109th press group and NEEM guests.

The skier came back with fuel from Thule and after defueling and loading of 3 pallets and 45 passengers the very heavy skier managed to take off in the third attempt. Well done!

No more drilling and logging.
Final logged depth is: 2537.36 m
No Processing

What we have done today:
1.Received Skier 90 2 times
2. Received 1600 lbs fuel from SFJ and 19.000 lbs from Thule
3. Toured our guests
4. Said goodbye to 23 NEEM’s and hello to 8: NEEM population: 23
5. Drilled shallow ice core 2010 S2 to the depth 38 m

Weather: Sunny day with low temperatures down to -16 °C  at night and up to -6 °C during day., 10 kt wind from S. During the night ground fog/low clouds came in.

FL  Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Population peak!
NEEM population peaked at 70 today. 

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