8 May 2010

A beautiful day on the ice sheet

We have to remember to put the bunk beds in
Construction of weatherports. We have to remember to put the bunk beds in
before the tent is covered. The door is too small.

Finally, the PARCA crew made it. This morning they flew South.

Temperatures began to rise through the day, and it became very pleasant to
erect two weatherports and fininsh skiway grooming. As it was Saturday,
several people played in the afternoon with a ski kite. It was fun to
watch the kite skiers zoom along on the snow. A good many of camp staff
went to the sauna and subsequent snow bath and shower. Trevor and Lou
prepared an American dinner. We had hamburgers and pie for desert.

What we have done today:
1. The drillers made 3 filter runs today.
2. Borehole temperature measurements in firn air borehole.
3. Drilling of cooling holes in new ice cave.
4. Erecting two weatherports: 10 x10 and 12 x 20.
5. Received the Twin Otter early in the morning.
6. Finished grooming skiway. Skiway evaluation.
7. Setup of 1st stage of CFA completed.
8. Saturday evening. Many visits to the opened sauna.

Ad.1: The drillers continue to get chips out of the hole. Now a total of
75 kg has been retrieved.

Ad.3: Drilling went to two meters, as it turned out, that the drill
extensions did not fit. Theo spent the rest of the day modifying the
joints so that they all could fit.

Ad 5: After a long nights work, the Twin Otter came back to NEEM at 6.03.
The flight crew and scientists had breakfast and something warm to drink,
and the Twin Otter got fuel. At 8.30 they flew off to NGRIP to take down
the weather station there, and since there was fog at Summit, they flew
back to Kangerlussuaq. They arrived in Kangerlussuaq late in the
afternoon. We have been happy to assist the PARCA crew as much as we could
in this much delayed program. From NEEM camp, the Twin Otter received a
total of 16 drums of fuel.

Weather: Blue sky all day, -32°C to -14°C, 10 knots from S and SSE.
Visibility: unrestricted. Temperatures increasing again.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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