7 May 2010

NEEM airport and gas station

Trevor and Simon at the borehole filter in drilling trench.
Trevor and Simon at the borehole filter in drilling trench.

Our colleagues from CIRES Colorado are maintaining their network of
automatic weather stations on the Greenland Ice Sheet. They use a Twin
Otter aircraft. Our colleagues from DRI in Arizona use this opportunity to
follow along and drill some shallow ice cores at the sites. Before the
season it was agreed that they would use NEEM as a hub for the work in the
area. They should have completed this work a week ago. However due to
technical problems with the plane, they were delayed several days. Then
they came Monday and picked up Joe and Jay so they could start from Thule.
But bad weather came and they were delayed 4 more days, and the landing
permit of the plane in Thule expired.

This morning they were desperate and luckily the weather has been good.
They have visited NEEM camp twice today. They have drilled an ice core
at Humbolt, and at time of writing they have visited Peterman and are
presently at Camp Century. They intend to return to NEEM at 0300 Saturday
morning, and continue their flight to Summit after refuelling. This has kept
some of the NEEM staff on watch all day (and night) as there is a risk for fog.
The rest of NEEM camp personnel went about their normal duties and had a
good productive day.

What we have done today:
1. The drillers made 5 filter runs today.
2. Made a box to capture the drill fluid aerosol coming from the vacuum cable cleaner.
3. Tables and shelves for the new laboratory almost finished.
4. Grooming skiway zig-zag and lengthwise. Skiway foundation grooming completed.
5. Receiving Twin Otter two times.
6. Laying foundation for the remaining 3 weatherports.
7. The setting up of the CFA laboratory has progressed to the point where
  water based chemistry is introduced.
8. Arranging food in the cook storage tent.

Ad.1: Drillers did the last filter run all the way to the bottom of the hole, 1756m down.
They retrieved a full filter. In total 45 kg of ice chips have been removed from the hole.

Weather: Blue sky all day, -32°C to -22°C, 5-12 knots from S and SSE.
Visibility: unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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