6 May 2010

Is this Greenland or Antarctica?

It feels cold to work outside in these temperatures
It feels cold to work outside in these temperatures.

As it is cold now and this cold has arrived suddenly after a few days of
warm temperatures, we observe a lot of condensation in the air. As the
condensation occurs in clean and very cold air, diamond dust is formed.
Diamond dust has the name because the air seems to glitter with tiny
sparks of light, as if indeed diamond dust has been spread in air. When
the concentration is high we observe halos, as described yesterday.
Diamond dust consists of very small ice crystals, less than 1 mm in size,
and the crystals are not snowflakes. It is a very common phenomenon in
Antarctica; but in Greenland it is less frequent. Sepp managed to collect
some of these crystals for study, and we are looking forward to see some
pictures of them soon.

Jeff has erected a tent at the firn air borehole from last year, 2 km from
camp, and he has spent all day measuring temperatures in the hole.

What we have done today:
1. Making filter runs in borehole down to 600 m.
2. Temperature logging in 2009 firn air bore hole in progress.
3. Making tables and shelves for new warm laboratory.
4. Grooming skiway, taxi ways and apron with beam groomer.
5. Moving fuel to camp from tanks..
6. Physical properties studies of diamond dust.

Ad.1: In these initial runs with the filter, 11 kg of chips were recovered..

Weather: Few thin clouds, -31°C to -21°C, 4-12 knots from S and SSE.
Visibility: 1-2 km due to ice fog all day.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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