5 May 2010

Cold weather returns

A representation of the halo
A representation of the halo.

We have worked on many things today. The skiway was groomed in preparation
of next week’s flights. We erected two weatherports, and in the trenches
Jakob carried out an experiment with a new acoustic device, while others
straightened tables and work on the chip melter.

As the weather front has passed, the cold is returning rapidly. This afternoon,
we witnessed one of natures grand displays: A halo. Most of the afternoon it
was visible, and the complex pattern of light in the sky covered the entire sky.
We were many frustrated photographers, because none of us could capture the
beauty in one image.

What we have done today:

1. Working on the ice chips melter.
2. Test of borehole bottom sonar completed.
3. Aligning logging table.
4. Grooming skiway and part of apron with beam groomer.
5. Trimming snow roof over physical properties laboratory.
6. Repair on Flexmobil.
7. Malfunction on Pistenbully found: a faulty steering transducer.
8. Building 2 units 10 x 15 weatherports.

Ad.2: Jakob performed a test of his acoustic sounder close to the bottom
of the hole. A fine echo was received.

Weather: Few thin clouds, -29°C to -14°C , 3-15 knots from SE and SSW.
Visibility: unrestricted decreasing to 1 km due to ice fog. Beautiful
display of halo phenomenon for several hours this afternoon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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