9 May 2010

We prepare for the flight next week

A freshly groomed skiway
A freshly groomed skiway

Next week we have planned for two flights. Camp is basically ready to
receive the big influx of camp personnel where population will grow from
14 to 37. There are still a couple of details that we need to attend to.

Sverrir and Lou have been working on making retro cargo ready. J.P. has
tried to remove bumps from the skiway, and Ali, Sepp, Hans Christian and
Jakob have erected the last weatherport. In the drill trench, Simon has
made the second electronics section for the drill ready. We now have a
spare. Steff and Trevor continue to filter ice chips from the borehole,
and Theo drills cooling holes. Matthias is ready to receive the influx of
new instruments and personnel in the CFA laboratory, and Jeff has measured
temperatures in the borehole from last year. Finally there is Sarah, and
she continues to cook lovely meals for all of us.

What we have done today:
1. The drillers made 4 filter runs today.
2. Borehole temperature measurements in firn air borehole.
3. Drilling of cooling holes in new ice cave, at 10 m length, an adaptor
    broke. It is being fixed.
4. Erecting last weatherport: 12 x 20. All weatherports are now up.
5. Grooming skiway and apron to remove rollers.
6. Making retro cargo ready for flights next week.
7. Making drill electonics section no.2 ready.

Ad.1: The drillers continue to get chips out of the hole. Now a total of
97 kg has been retrieved.

Weather: Broken high clouds to blue sky, -20°C to -10°C, 4-10 knots from
S. Visibility: unrestricted. In the evening fog with visibility down to 200 m.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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