15 August 2009

Last Saturday Night at NEEM this year

Celebrating the termination of the ice core processing

Celebration of the last core processed in the science trench with warm spiced red wine.

At 16:00 when the generator was turned off for maintenance the candles were lit in the science trench and we celebrated the termination of the ice core processing at NEEM with a glass of warm spiced red wine. After that we had the sauna turned on for the last time this season. The dinner consisted of fish gratin, snow lamb and ice cream super cooled with the remaining nitrogen. The snow lamb was prepared by Sverrir and Alli on charcoal on the snow. The lamb had melted nearly a meter down in the snow when it was done. The ice cream cooling was a fantastic show with the white mist from the cooling creeping over the table. We had a long session with the extended Blue Grass Band led by Julie after dinner. Wow!

What we have done today:

1. Processing 29.70 m of core. Final processing 2009 depth: 1756.70 m (3194 bag)
2. Logging the borehole with the DK logger
3. Packing, cleaning and documenting drill trench
4. Documenting and making sparepart list for the mechanics garage
5. Packing food in boxes and documenting in kitchen tent
6. Packing CFA boxes.
7. Long generator maintenances at 16:00.
8. Celebrating the last Saturday night in camp.

Ad 1: The last ice was processed today and from the ECM and DEP records we have been able to find fixpoints between the NEEM ice core and the well dated NGRIP ice core. The last cores to be processed contained ice from the long Dansgaard-Oeschger event 8 (Interstadial 8) 38.500 years before year 2000 AD.

Weather: Changing overcast with light snow from time to time.  Temperature between -20 to – 8°C. Wind 5-10 kn changing from SSE to W during the day.

Li with the very last ice core processed this year
Li with the very last ice core processed this year

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen 

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