14 August 2009

World record in ice core drilling

Steff leads a cheer in champagne

Celebration of the final ice core for the NEEM 2009 season. Steff leads a cheer in champagne for a good season with a world record in drilling most in a season..

The final drill day at NEEM was followed with great excitement because we knew we would break the world record in ice core drilling in one season if we drilled deeper than 1751.51 m – our previous record from the NGRIP drilling in 1999. Just before lunch we got the final core up – a beautiful 3.16m long core in one piece. The final NEEM 2009 depth is 1757.84 m and we have made a new world record. Steff leads a cheer in champagne.

What we have done today:

1. Drilling with the NEEM long drill: 17.47 m. Drillers depth: 1740.39 m
2. Logging 19.25 m of core. Logging depth 1757.84 m. The final NEEM 2009 depth.
3. CFA analysis: packing the CFA equipment in boxes for retro to Bern, BAS and Copenhagen
4. Processing 34.65 m of core. Processing depth: 1733.60 m (3152 bag)
5. Testing a new outer core barrel.
6. Cleaning and documenting drill trench
7. Documenting and organizing garages

Weather: Changing overcast with light snow from time to time.  Temperature between -20 to – 7°C. Wind 3-11 kn turning from SW to SSE during the day.

View of the camp
The NEEM camp with the yellow tent village, the red weatherport urban and the black main dome. The clouds are very changeable and we see very beautiful clouds on the sky.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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