1 May 2009

A beautiful and crisp day

The garage surrounded by snow drifts

A view from the top of the main dome showing snowdrifts around the garage

This was a beautiful day, and we could work outside.

The drillers worked on final adjustments of the drill tower. It can now be tilted from horizontal to vertical. The tower is too high to fit under the roof, therefore a slot has been cut so the top of the tower can go to through the roof. The slot has subsequently been covered with a box with a polycarbonate window on top. This provides some skylight into the drill trench. Seen from the side, the box resembles the conning tower of a submarine. It is therefore nicknamed “the submarine”. This construction has been planned all along.

The electricians have made good use of the future warm lab in the science trench. They have turned it into a temporary workshop for electrical components in the science trench.

What we have done today:

  1. Working on electrical installations in science trench. The future CFA laboratory is temporarily turned into a warm workshop.
  2. Work on central heating in main dome. New radiators are mounted.
  3. Opening the drill trench roof and lowering winch controls and winch motor into drill trench with the Pistenbully crane.
  4. Using survey equipment, marking out new ski landing area (18-36 true).
  5. Preparing for construction of weatherports.These have been packed down over winter and we are now raising them again.
  6. Making shelves in kitchen.
  7. Building submarine skylight over top of drill tower.
  8. Final adjustments to tower and top sheave. Tower is now straight and can be tilted to vertical.
Weather: Blue sky, - 25 °C to -20 °C, 10-15 knots from ESE. Visibility: unrestricted. A fine day.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Mounting of the skylight with the main dome in the background.
Mounting of the skylight with the main dome in the background.
Sverrir, Oli and Hans Christian mount sections of 'the submarine' skylight on the drill trench roof.
Sverrir, Oli and Hans Christian mount sections of "the submarine" skylight on the drill trench roof. To the left, the top wheel, or sheave of the drill tower can be seen pointing up from below.

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