2 May 2009

First Saturday in camp

Sarah at work in the kitchen

Sarah is preparing a delicious meal for the first Saturday Night on Ice.

It has been a rather windy day, but we managed to erect a weatherport for the camp food supplies. We were able to transfer all the food left behind last year in the main dome kitchen to the weatherport. All of a sudden we got a lot of floor space in the dining area.

Carpenter, plumber, electricians, mechanic, drillers, cook, doctor and Field Leader have been active all day, and people were quite tired at the start for this seasons first Saturday night. Luckily, spirits were high, and people all participated to make this Saturday night nice.

What we have done today:

  1. Rewiring the electricity supply for drill trench
  2. Work on the new winch control
  3. Erecting food store weatherport. Moving food supplies from main dome
  4. Mounting radiator in bathroom. Moving warm water tank to top shelf in
  5. Adjusting and fixing drill tower foundation

Weather: Blue sky, - 28 °C to -25°C, 15-20 knots from ESE. Visibility: 2 Miles to unrestricted. Haze in the morning. Wind picking up in the evening.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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