30 April 2009

An 18 hour blizzard passes

The main dome in a blizzard
The main dome in a blizzard

On Wednesday Lars, our Field Operations Manager in Kangerlussuaq, informed us that our forecaster predicted a storm coming our way. Wednesday night we closed all tents and prepared our equipment for a blow. This morning the wind picked up, and it continued to strengthen until early in the afternoon when it reached 28 knots from SSE. Strong wind and blowing snow made us all work inside or, in case of the drillers and electricians, below ground. In the evening, the wind abated and we could see several new large snowdrifts.

It was the birthday of our carpenter, Olavur. Sarah made a very nice cake, and we sang some birthday songs.

What we have done today:

  1. Aligning the drill tower. The extension was a bit off, but it is straight now.
  2. Mounting electrical system in the science trench.
  3. Work on plumbing in main dome. The pipes under the floor are now gone.
  4. Making pieces for the drill trench skylight in the garage.
  5. Routine maintenance on main generator.
  6. Organising camp medical supplies.
  7. Iridium based internet connection now working.
  8. Watching new snow drifts form.

Ad.1: Several sections of the drill tower were not aligned. The drillers adjusted the joints using shims, and now the tower is straighter.

Ad.2: In preparation of the scientific work in a few weeks time, Bruno and HansPeter spent all day mounting electrical installations at all future work places.

Weather: Thin overcast to blue sky, - 18 °C to -14 °C, 16-28 knots from SSE. Visibility: 1/2 mile. Blowing snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

A lonely person makes his way through the wind
A lonely person makes his way through the wind

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