6 August 2008

Finishing Dome constructions 2008


Dome seem from skies.

Today we placed a ring of plywood around the base of the dome so it is sealed at the base. This is the last mayor construction in the dome this year. Next year the stairs to the top and shelves at the top will be built. The 10m surface core drill earlier was processed for stable water isotopes and the deepest part for ECM too.

What we have done today:

  1. Finished the floor central parts of the drill trench.
  2. Put lights in the science trench.
  3. Made roof above shelf system in garage 1.
  4. Placed the four windows in the drillers cabin.
  5. Tried to download data from the Parca weather station.
  6. Prepared for the grid and made the final test run with the radar.
  7. Made snow hills for winter storage.


Weather: blue sky, -4 - -19 deg C, wind 6-10 knots, SSW, visibility unrestricted


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