5 August 2008

Finally the top windows are in place

Top of the Dome

Happy faces through the windows in the pentagon.

Finally the day came where we could place the top windows in the dome. While the work on the outside of the dome was going on the window holes have been used to climb in and out the dome. As a result plywood plated had been intermediately placed over the holes in the evening. This made the dome rather cold indoors especially when the wind was blowing. Now we are looking forward to a pleasant warm dome! Louise and Liz had prepared a drink for us and all 15 from camp gathered in the pentagon to celebrate before dinner.

What we have done today:

  1. Placed ventilation tube in inclined trench and continued the floor in the drill trench
  2. Placed the 5 windows in the top of the main dome
  3. Finished floor in garage 1 and placed shelf system on a plywood floor
  4. Found and distributed windows to Viessmann cabins and placed the window in the driller’s workshop.
  5. Made fuel station for Toyota
  6. Made the first test runs of the radar from the Toyota
 Last window
Dragging the last top window up the ladder to the pentagon in the top of the dome.


Weather: blue sky, -4 - -13 deg C, wind 10-15 knots, SSW, visibility unrestricted

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