4 August 2008

The most wonderful weather today

Hallo to the fieldleader

The glue team provides the field leader with some welcome distractions.

Today we had no wind, -3 C and sunshine so we used the opportunity to work as much as possible on the surface. We decided to see a movie (Office Space) upstairs in the evening and the whole camp watched together – with popcorn of course.

What we have done today:

  1. Finished placing the steps in the 8.2m deep inclined drill trench
  2. Finished widening the drill trench
  3. Started the floor with gratings in the drill trench
  4. Finished gluing rubber on the main dome
  5. Taken weatherport 1 down
  6. Started repairing the floor in garage 1
  7. Started drilling a 10m core from the surface close to the drill trench
  8. Repaired the fuel filter in the CAT
  9. Started moving the radar equipment from the dome tent to the Toyota
The floor
Floor constructions in the drill trench

Weather: High clouds clearing to blue sky, -15 - -3 C, wind 2-5 knots from SE, visibility unrestricted

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