3 August 2008

Small projects finished

Picture is coming


After a slow start Sunday morning work continues. Many of the long lasting activities like making stairs in the inclined trench and gluing rubber to the main dome are nearly finished. We are looking forward to packing the glue away tomorrow and to terminate the hard work rappelling on the outside of the dome.

What we have done today:

  1. Continued making the steps down into the 8.2m deep inclined drill trench
  2. Continued widening the side walls in the drill trench
  3. Removed all boxes in front of main dome
  4. Emptied floor in garage 1 and started moving fresh snow in on floor
  5. Finished attaching the loose rubber panels on the roof of the main dome
  6. Finished unpacking traverse sledges
  7. Prepared plastic bags for a 10m hand drilled core just beside drill trench (Start of S1 main core)
  8. Organized all the food in the food tent (seven-eleven)
  9. CReSIS radar team has computers running, BGAN system too and GPS ground station. Testing radar system placed outside dome 2.

Weather: overcast, -4 - 9 C, wind 4-14 knots from SW, visibility unlimited

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