2 August 2008

The last traces of the firn village are removed.

Removing snow

Digging boxes free in front of the drill trench in the warm sunny weather.

Todd’s tent was taken down at the air gas site and all bamboo poles NOT marking the boreholes to be kept where removed. In camp the CReSIS radar team took over the red dome both for sleeping and as a working space for the radar activities. A strange gadget of a radar transmitter/receiver is collected on the snow in front of the red dome.

What we have done today:

  1. Continued making the steps down into the 8.2m deep inclined drill trench
  2. Continued widening the side walls in the drill trench
  3. Placed pile of boxes in front of drill trench on drums
  4. Repaired matrix on Toyota
  5. Continued attaching the loose rubber panels on the roof of the main dome
  6. Worked on leakage in CAT fuel filter
  7. Removed tent and bamboo poles in firn-village. S2 is marked with an alu-pole and a bamboo pole with a black flag. S4 is marked with a bamboo pole with a red flag.
  8. Located Koni Steffens wx station and prepared for download of data. Waiting for instructions from Koni
  9. Placed a tent over science trench elevator to avoid drifts on elevator
  10. Kansas radar team installed in Dome 2 where the radar antenna is being collected in front of the weatherport.
  11. Saturday evening with Indian curry prepared by Liz and Tim. Wonderful. Turban in any size recommended.

Weather: blue sky changing to overcast, -4 - 9 C, wind 4-10 knots from SW, visibility unlimited

The partly buried wx station.

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