7 August 2008

Drill tower in place.

Raising the tower

Trevor operating the tower controls as the drill tower is being raised for the first time.

The drill tower was placed today in the drill trench. The tower parts where attached with 80 bolts and the tower base was adjusted so the drill will be centered over the borehole. After the tower was assembled the linear motor was attached. Here we were in for a surprise as the top hole in the two linear motors where different and only one fit the NEEM tower base. The usable one was connected and when raising the tower the second surprise was that the tower ‘went through the roof’. The snow blower has not been quiet capable of making a deep enough trench for the drill. The roof parts where remove so the tower could be placed in vertical position and a final adjustment of the base was made. The inclined trench only needs few adjustments to allow the tower to tip from vertical to horizontal position. Next year we will build a top building (submarine) so the tower fits under the roof.

What we have done today:

  1. Assembled the tower.
  2. Exchanged the linear motors for the tower.
  3. Placed the base of the tower (no permanent screws before next year).
  4. Worked on the ventilation system in the drill trench.
  5. Took two weatherports down.
  6. Downloaded data from the Parca weather station 6.
  7. Radar measurements in the 10km by 10km grid around the drill site.
  8. Tested glycol in vehicles and radiator system (glycol in radiator system needs to be changed).
  9. Maintenance on main generator. 

Ad 8. The water pump in the main generator is leaking. It will be exchanged next year.

Weather: blue sky, -8 -19 deg C, wind 7-10 knots, SSW, visibility unrestricted

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