20 July 2008

The main generator heat exchanger is replaced and - the heating system with the snowmelter works!

Melt layer

The meltlayer from 1889 from S3 ice core

After a windy night the wind gradually dropped during Sunday and all activities started again around lunch. The firn gas program continued the processing of ice cores continued. In S2 a big melt layer is found at the depth 43m and recognized as the meltlayer from the warm years around 1889 some years after the Krakatu volcanic eruption in 1883. Henry used the snow blower to clean the inclined entrance to the drill trench so more heavy drill equipment could be moved down. The traverse moved steadily on and makes 105 km reaching waypoint 9, 45 km from NGRIP.

S2 (Mainly used for the European Gas Programs)
Gas pumped at the depth 34.7m
Processed ice core to bag 55 (depth: 20.25m)

S3 (Mainly used for US Gas Programs)
Gas pumped at the depths 49.7m and 57.5m
Processed ice core to bag 88 (depth: 48.40m)

What we have done today:

  1. Worked on the drill workshop
  2. Main generator close down 14:00 – 17:00 and 23:00 – 23:30
  3. Installation of a new heat exchanger while the main generator was closed during afternoon
  4. Generator maintenance while main generator close down in evening
  5. Moved snow from inclined drill trench entrance
  6. Cut 2.5 cm water isotope samples and measured ECM on S2 and S3 ice cores
  7. Firn-gas pumping program successfully continued
  8. The traverse moved 105 km and stayed overnight at waypoint 30.

Weather: overcast with snow and drifting snow, -15 - 7 C, wind 0-16 kn from S, visibility ¼ mile

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